You can easily narrow down your candidate search using filters. Filters can be used to search by specific parameters, such as Skills, Location, and Job Title. Filter options are suggested based upon the search query entered into the main search bar. To see all available filter values, make sure the main search bar is empty. As you select specific search filters, your search results will automatically be updated to match your filtered search query.

If you select two or more values for the same filter, Jobjet will search for profiles which have either one OR the other value:

The only exception to this rule is the Skills filter. When you choose two or more skills, you get the results including candidates having ALL the chosen skills:

When you use several filters for your search, the "AND" operator is applied. It means, for example, that the results will include candidates from the chosen Location, with the chosen Title, AND with the Skills selected:

Finally, here is an example of how Jobjet will search for candidates with several filter values applied.

For instance, in the main search bar, we introduce the query, "New York". Any search filters you apply will be applied after first searching for any candidates that match the search keywords you entered into the main search bar.

The filters used will be:

  1. Skills ("Bookkeeping" AND "Reporting"):

2. Degree ("MBA" OR "Other"):

3. Tags ("500"):

Each time you choose a new filter value, the search is narrowed down and the suggested values of all other filters also change as a result of the narrowed search results.

In the above-mentioned case, the system will look for candidates having "Bookkeeping" AND "Reporting" Skills, "MBA" OR "Other" Degree, AND "500" Tag. As a result, 9 candidates match the search parameters:

Please, remember that only the Skills filter implies the search for candidates with ALL chosen skills. With all other filters, the system searches for candidates having one OR the other chosen value. 

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