What's a credit? Am I charged if there is no result?

When Jobjet can find contact info for a profile, "Get contact info" button appears on the extension. After you click this button and choose personal or work info, Jobjet charges you 1 credit (for work) or 2 credits (for personal) if it's able to provide contact details.

Is requesting contact info for the same person several times charges a credit each time?

You are charged with a credit or two depending on the type of enrichment you do only click on "get contact info" button to reveal contact details.

If Jobjet has provided you with contact info of the person previously, you won't be charged for the same type of enrichment. What's this means is if you get personal contact details for a profile, you won't be charged for another request for either personal or work info. But in case you have revealed work info for a person and request for personal info now, you will be charged a full amount.

How do I get contact info for a list of people?

You can reveal contact details for a list of people in a few different ways:

  1. Through LinkedIn search results: start a search on LinkedIn and bring up Jobjet's extension on a search results page. Hit that "get contact info" button at the bottom. P.S. you don't have to wait until Jobjet provides contact info - feel free to navigate to another page and request contact details there. You'll be able to see the results later on Jobjet's web app.
  2. Through a CSV import. 
  3. Through a contact info request for multiple profiles already saved to Jobjet.

What happens if I have credits left before the end of a billing period?

Your credits fully refill at the beginning of the billing period and any unused credits don't rollover and are effectively lost when the billing period ends.

Where can I see how many credits are left?

On Extension: there is a red number at the bottom right corner that shows how many credits you have left so far.

On Web App: click on your portrait at the top right corner. This will bring up a window with a counter of credits left.

(Coming Soon!) Can I still get contact info if I don't have any credits left?

Yes, you still can! If you are on a Jobjet Standard or a Jobjet Pro subscription, you can use credits beyond your monthly prepaid limit. We call them overage credits.

Simply click the "Get contact info" button and agree to spend an overage credit. You are limited to 30% of your prepaid credits.

(Coming Soon!) How am I charged for overage credits and where can I see how many I've used already?

Every overage credit is adding a fixed amount to your next payment (check out plan descriptions for an exact number). So, if a single overage credit is $0.59, you've used 10 overage credits and your monthly payment is $59/mo, you will be charged a sum of 0.59x10 + $59 = $64.9 at the beginning of next billing cycle.

What happens if my payment for Jobjet subscription fails?

Your account will be suspended until the payment goes through.

Can I try Jobjet for free before I pay anything?

Yes! We offer a 7-day free trial with unlimited number of users and 20 credits. Choose any type of plan to try out.

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