Organizing jobs inside Jobjet is a great way to stay on top of multiple requests. Before you can set up and track requests, you need to create a unique "Job" for the opportunity. 

Let's walk through some simple steps for creating your first "Job."

1) Click on the "+" button on the main menu

2) Find "Add Job" in the dropdown menu that appears

3) Click on "Add Job"

4. Complete the window that appears on your screen

This pop-up window will allow you to add all of your opportunity's details to the new "Job." Add all of the information you have available. You can return to the Job to edit its contents or add new information at any time.

5. Add "Watchers" to work with teams and clients

Jobjet allows you to add "Watchers" to a Job. "Watchers" have access to your account and they will be notified on all the activities with the job. They do not have permission to edit the Job though. 

6. Publish your Job to the publicly visible Job Portal

One of the key benefits of opening a Job in Jobjet is the ability to publish it on the Job Portal. Once published to the Job Portal, your new Job can be shared with your candidates so that they can apply directly to it. 

How to publish your new Job

Publish the new Job - Simply check the "Share on Job Portal" option in the pop-up window.  

ii) Choose the information requested by your Job Ad - If you click on the "Application Form" tab at the top of your window, you can define the kind of information your Job on the Job Portal requests from a candidate. 

iii) Choose the application form - You have three options for quickly setting the layout of your application form. 

  1. Use the Default App Form, which you can edit and customize to include the Job's specifics.
  2. Create a template and use it for this Job (and later jobs if it fits).
  3. Build an application from scratch to meet your needs.

7. Complete your new Job

When you're finished adding details to the Job, simply hit "Create."

You will then be redirected to the newly created Job profile. It will show all of the details (added by you). These details can be edited simply by moving your mouse over each section.

Just look for the small pencil icon that appears next to section name. 

Make changes later

Make additional changes to the Job profile, publish the job on the Job Portal, add candidates to it, upload documents (such as fee agreements), and make other edits by using using the menu in the top right corner of the profile. 

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