Jobjet gives you the ability to send, receive and schedule delayed messages from inside the Jobjet App. By integrating your work email with Jobjet, you can then track all of those conversations sent and received with the integrated email account + Jobjet in one easy-to-track place.

This article will show you how to:

  1. Connect your email account to Jobjet
  2. Send and receive emails from inside Jobjet
  3. Track your conversations over time and with multiple people
  4. Schedule emails to send at a later time
  5. Message candidates with the help and speed of your Jobjet Chrome Extension

Connect your email account to Jobjet

Go to "My Profile" under the user Icon in the top right corner of your dashboard. Once you select "My Profile," you will be taken to the "Personal Information" screen. Go ahead and connect all of your desired email accounts. 

You can select your default email system (which will work in unison with Jobjet) and also choose the email provider that is shown to the email recipient after you send an email. Jobjet with be your default email service.  

You can also use this screen to connect accounts from multiple third party services, like:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google Drive and/or Calendar
  3. Facebook
  4. Outlook
  5. Office 365

Send and receive emails from inside Jobjet

There are several ways to send an email in Jobjet. Let's walk through at each way. 

Email candidates from Home dashboard

Click on the "+" button on the main page, then choose "Compose Email":

The following window will appear allowing you to send an email as well as save an email template, which you can use in the future. 

Just like your standard email provider, you can send an email to several addressees ( as CC or BCC, BCC so that the recipients won`t see each other when they receive your email). 

To add CC and BCC:
• Click on the "Send To List" button
• Click "Show CC/BCC"
• Enter the desired email addresses in their respective locations

You can also choose to send your email to any email address associated with your candidate inside Jobjet. 

These email addresses may include the candidate's:
• home email address
• work email address
• other email address

NOTE: You can also send an email to all of the available email addresses at one time, if you choose. 

Email from the Candidates dashboard

I) Go to your Candidates home screen
II) Select the people you'd like to email (do this by clicking the open box next to their names- a check should appear if you've done it correctly)

III) Click on "Send to List"

Email from the Candidates dashboard (Alternative Method)

Go to Candidates home screen and click on the person's email provided in the email column:

The email pop window will appear. Use this email window to create and send the message to your candidate. You can draft a new email or choose from you created templates. 

Email from the individual Candidate's profile

On the candidate's profile, go to Contact Info and click on the email address you would like to use for your message. 

Just like the other options, the email pop-up window will appear and allow you to send an email.

Email from the individual Job profile

I) Open a job profile to display your Pipeline view.
II) Select the candidates who will receive your email

III) Click on "Send to List"

NOTE: If you choose to send an email only to one candidate, the icon will say "Email":

Email from the Message dashboard

Your Message dashboard is the convenient central location for all of the messaging you do with Jobjet. It's where you can track, send, follow-up and schedule all of your emails inside Jobjet. 

Send your first email by clicking on the "Send A Message" button in the middle of your Message screen

The email pop-up will appear to craft your message and select its recipients. When ready, go ahead and send your email. Jobjet will track it and automatically and add it to your list of sent messages.

However, you can also choose to schedule the message to send at a later time. 

To schedule your email for later, simply
I) Click on the clock icon next to the "Send Now" button in the email pop-up

II) Choose from one of the pre-populated time suggestions 

III) OR select your own date and time

Email with the Jobjet Chrome Extension

Your Jobjet Chrome Extension allows you to discover hidden email addresses and then message those newly found addresses with only a few simple clicks.

Simply click on the email address that you want to email and then Jobjet will automatically open your app to your candidate's profile, where you can quickly message the candidate at the bottom of the window. 

From there, you have all of your candidate conversations tracked in one place.  

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