Jobjet allows you to take old, outdated resumes and turn them into organized candidate profiles that have all of the most up-to-date candidate data available. 

This power means that your pipeline, which could be filled with old contact and resume information, can be quickly refreshed with all of the data you need, like:

  1. Email addresses
  2. Phone numbers
  3. Social profiles
  4. Skills & qualifications

Let's explore how you can quickly enrich old resumes with a few simple steps. 


Bulk Enrich multiple candidates/resumes at one time

Bulk Enrichment is the most efficient process for recruiters who have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of existing candidates and resumes in their pipeline. All you have to do is import your data into Jobjet, and we'll take care of the rest.  

You have two options for importing candidate data. You need either:

  1. A zip archive of your resumes 
  2. A CSV file of your candidates

Bulk Enrich multiple resumes

If you have a digital stack of resumes, you're going to want to use the "Import Resumes" option under the main menu dropdown list.

A new popup window will appear that will accept your file. Assuming you have too many resumes to simply drag and drop them, you'll need to create a zip file of all those resumes. 

Once that's done, drag and drop the new zip archive file onto the window or use one of the options shown at the bottom of the screen. 

After you add the file to Jobjet, a new window will appear that asks if you would like to Fetch data from resumes for existing people and Add as candidates to job.

Select the Fetch data from resumes for existing people option and click the "Upload" button.

Jobjet will then proceed to import your old resumes, while updating outdated information in the background. You are free to continue working, as the import will work behind the scenes of the app. We'll let you know when the import has successfully finished by sending you and email at its completion. 

Just hit OK when the screen below appears and go on your recruiting way. 

Bulk Enrich multiple candidates

If you have a CSV file of candidates, you will want to choose the "Import Candidates" option from the dropdown list of your main menu. 

A screen will appear for you to import your candidate list. You can use XLS, ODS, and CSV files to import new candidates. 

NOTE: Bulk Enrichment during the import process only works with CSV files. You may choose to import candidates with the other options, but you will not be able to enrich with this particular process during the import. You will be able to individually enrich them with your Chrome Extension at a later time. 

If you do import existing candidates as a CSV file, you can ask for enrichment during the import process. You will be guided along the import process. 

Once you add your CSV file, a new screen will appear.

Click on the green Upload button. A new screen will appear. 

On this screen (the image directly above), you can choose whether to import newer data with your candidates, or simply upload the data you have already. 

Since we're on the topic of candidate enrichment though, you're going to want to select the Import newer data option.

You will then be delivered to the final step of the import process. Here you can choose the level of enrichment received by your candidate list. Each option gives you a description of what you receive for the number of credits required. 

A full import with complete data enrichment will be your best option for creating an updated pipeline with the most valuable data available. 

What you spend for what you get

For the price of 1 credit per 4 enriched candidate profiles - Jobjet will create candidate profiles filled with the candidates' current LinkedIn work history, skills and summary NOTE: Your existing candidates must have an associated email address or phone number in your uploaded list. 

For the price of 1 credit per 1 enriched candidate profile - Jobjet will discover hidden email addresses and phone numbers of the candidates in your list

If you are looking for current contact information associated with the candidates in your pipeline the option outlined below is probably your best bet. 

NOTE: As you choose your type of enrichment, Jobjet will show you the number of credits required by your list to complete the order. 

So for example, I uploaded a CSV candidate list that had 3 candidates on it. I want to fill out my candidate profiles with the latest data on LinkedIn and I want to discover any contact information that I might not have.
The image below shows that Jobjet is telling me exactly what it will cost if all three candidates are fully enriched.


Take advantage of Resume Conversion for PDF resumes

Jobjet also offers a free service for converting PDF resumes into neatly and consistently organized candidate profiles. Simply import your PDF resumes as a zip archive file with the "Import Resumes" option under the main dropdown list of your dashboard.

After the profiles appear on the home screen, you can open them one by one for enrichment. Make sure the profiles contain their LinkedIn URL in the Social Networks tab. Otherwise, enrichment won't be possible. If the LinkedIn URL is there, simply click on the "Get Contact Info" option next to the Contact Info tab.

You will be notified of the enrichment process:

When the enrichment has been completed, you will see additional contact info in the corresponding tab:

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